The Jonas Brothers Make A Little Girls Dreams Come True

This last weekend, in between running around surprising fans at theaters showing their movie, the Jonas Brothers made a special stop at Jayla Cooper’s house. Jayla is a terninally ill 9-year-old struggling with leukemia who was only given a few weeks to live by her doctors. Jayla’s last wish was to marry her 7-year-old friend Jose Griggs, another child sick with leukemia, who Jayla met at the hospital.

The two kids chose the Jonas Brothers’ Love Bug as their first dance together at their wedding, and when the Jonas Brothers found out they showed up at Jayla’s house and serenaded her. The video is tear-jerking, so get out your tissues before you watch!

Click here to watch.


The Jonas Brothers Can’t Beat Taylor Swift

Joe Jonas And Taylor Swift

Sorry Joe, but your ex ROCKS and you FAIL!

The Jonas Brothers have failed to grab the number 1 spot for album sales, instead coming it at number 3 for their soundtrack to Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (which also stunk at the box office last weekend).

Coming in at number 3, the JoBros sold 30,000 copies LESS than projected. Ouch!!!

To make matters worse, Joe’s ex flame, Taylor Swift, grabbed hold of the number 1 spot. Double ouch!

What a sad week for the Jonas Brothers : (

Jonas Brothers Take The Number One Spot

Jonas Brothers 3D Movie CD

The soundtrack to Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience is expected to come in at #1 on the music charts this week – beating out Joe’s ex Taylor Swift for the spot. There are also guesses that the CD will sell over 80,000 copies in the first week.

Are you buying a copy?

Jonas Brother Movie Tickets Pre-Sale

Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Movie


You can pre-order the soundtrack at iTunes and the movie tickets at and Disney has also said that if you pre-order your movie tickets you will get a FREE iTunes download of the new Jonas Brothers music video “Tonight.”

In some places the JONAS BROTHERS: THE 3D CONCERT EXPERIENCE comes into theaters at midnight on February 26th!

Click here to watch the movie trailer…