Mitchel Musso Spills About Hannah Montana Movie

Miley Cyrus And Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso spilled the beans about the upcoming Hannah Montana: The Movie, due to release on April 10th, who slyly stated, “We are so not even supposed to talk about it…”

Mitchel let spill that Taylor Swift makes a guest appearance in the film, along with Tyra Banks and Vanessa Williams.

Mitchel also let us in on a SECRET! Hannah Montana: The Movie is a window into Miley’s REAL LIFE. The movie tries to show the real Miley, and her home state of Tennessee. The movie is also a bit more mature than the Disney Channel show. “It has a lot more drama,” Musso explained. “There’s a lot of sentimental things [in the script] that came from her heart and Billy Ray’s heart, because that’s where they live. They shot in all the areas they used to hang out in. Miley doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana,” he said of the film’s plot. “She wants to go back [home] and be her own thing, and falls in love with a boy there and doesn’t want to leave.


Free Jonas Brothers Poster From Upcoming Disney Channel Series Jonas

Disney Channel Series Jonas

In conjunction with the opening of the Jonas Brothers’ movie, the Disney Channel will be distributing 300,000 posters promoting the pop idols’ upcoming series, “JONAS,” at Screenvision theaters across the country and at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles.

Make sure to get to the selected Screenvision Theater or El Capitan Theater early to get your Free Disney Jonas Poster.

More About The Jonas Brothers 3D Movie

Debby Ryan

The Suite Life on Deck” star Debby Ryan attended the Jonas Brothers 3D movie premiere in Los Angeles earlier this week.

She also wrote to her fans on her YouTube page:

“Heyy there!

I just wanted to take a minute or four to share a little with you about my Wisconsin personal appearance!

I started out at 8am in Los Angeles, got caught in snow and other miscellaneous setbacks and finally checked in around 8pm, Wisconsin time! On the plane, I read some scripts for voice over work, studied the new script for this upcoming week, answered some fan mail, worked on planning my Sweet Sixteen, and got ready to hang out with some Wisconsinite fans!
This week, I’m so excited to be going to the Jonas Brother’s 3D movie premiere! As well as doing some voice over fun, and then quickly unpacking and repacking to head off to another appearance, plus interview stuff, in New York City on the 3rd!

I promise, I’m working on the fan mail you guys!! It’s important to me to get it all read and pictures and autos sent but I dont have as much free time as it requires. But I AM making it a priority! I love you guys!

Here is the video she posted:

American Idol Hannah Montana Cameo

David Archuleta On Hannah Montana

American Idol star David Archuleta is currently promoting his self-titled debut album and where better to promote himself than on an episode of Disney’s Hannah Montana (even though he had never watched the show before!).

David talked about the experience filming alongside Miley saying “It was another thing I was really nervous about and wasn’t really sure about at first,” he wrote on his blog live from Virginia. “However, once I got there I had a great time! Everyone there was fun and Miley was a cool person to hang out with. She has a lot of energy and is really funny haha. Getting to watch how they rehearsed the scenes for the show was really cool too.”

It has not been released yet which episode he is starring in and what day it will premier. David has also guest starred as himself on Nickelodeons iCarly.

Selena Gomez Wants To Challenge Herself

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez loves the Disney Channel and really appreciates them for giving her her start, but she does not want to be a Disney star for forever. She hopes to do more challenging work someday: “I’d love to someday make a transition and do roles that are really challenging for me. I’d like to do comedy, romance, anything.”

Hannah Montana Is Getting Crazy

Hannah Montana Carrot Costume

In an episode of Hannah Montana titled “Welcome to the Bungle,” which airs of Sunday, March 1, Miley will be dressing up as…yes, a giant carrot. Miley’s character, Hannah, guest stars on the Mack and Mickey show and makes a comment about disliking carrots – which in turn causes her fans to stop eating them altogether. So, to make everything right again, Hannah must appear on the show again, this time dressed in costume, to make carrots cool again.

Does this really seem like a fun plot line to you? We think it seems REALLY CHEESY!

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Selena Is In Puerto Rico

Selena Gomez

The Wizards of Waverly cast is in Puerto Rico filming the Wizards movie! The movie is about Selena’s character Alex and her family winning a trip to South America. When they get there they find some wizard ruins and things get a little out of hand when they visit them – sounds exciting!