High School Musical 4

High School Musical 4 Movie Poster

Are You Excited for a High School Musical 4? It is in pre-production and filming is slated to start in later half of the year, but what we were all afraid would happen has happened, and High School musical 4 will not be shown in Theaters like the very popular and successful High School Musical 3. Zac Efron is not slated to be in the next High School Musical Installment, but we have been hearing that there may be a cameo by everyone’s favorite Wildcat Troy.

“The High School Musical trilogy introduced a new generation to the celebrated genre of movie musicals. In crafting this next iteration, we’ve challenged the entire creative team to raise the bar again — and create something truly worthy of this extraordinary global phenomenon,” said the president of the Disney Channel.

We at Disney Dreaming are very excited to hear of another installment in this great franchise and are hoping this one tops them all, even if it’s just on the Disney Channel!

Keep your fingers crossed that Zac Efron will make an appearance in High School Musical 4


Lucas Grabeel In Twilight Sequel?

Lucas Gabriel In Twilight New Moon

Rumor has it that if Dakota Fanning is playing the role of Jane in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, Lucas Grabeel would be the perfect actor to play her twin brother Alec.

We think this would be a great fit!

How Did We Miss This Movie

Lucas Gabriel The Adventures of Foodboy

Have you all seen The Adventures of Food Boy? Because we haven’t and we’re wondering how we missed it!

The movie stars Lucas Grabeel and is about a teenage boy is surprised to discover that he has the super power to make food appear in his hands.

Looks like it might be cute!

Because We Miss Him

Lucas Gabriel

We haven’t heard much about Lucas Grabreel (Ryan from HSM) and we were starting to get a little sad. So here’s some news on what he’s been up to!

He is currently filming in a movie called The Legend of the Dancing Ninja, in which Lucas plays an orphaned boy who dreams of being a ninja. He arrives in Hollywood on a quest to find his parents and gets mixed up in a dangerous crime!

Lucas has also finished filming for a movie called Lock and Roll Forever, in which a all-girls band from Japan travels to America in search of fame and fortune.

But really, what we’re all most interested in are PICTURES! See some by clicking on the link below:

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The Obama Girls Get A Surprise Visit

The first night the Obama girls, Sasha and Malia, spent in the White House, the staff organized a scavenger hunt to teach the girls about the buildings history. The girls, along with some of their friends from the new school in DC, were able to learn about their new home and then watch Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Disney’s Bolt.

But the real fun came when…

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Disney Sued

The Walt Disney company has been sued by its film financing partner Kingdom Films LLC. Kingdom Films has accused Disney of violating the profit-sharing agreement signed by both companies.

The contract stated that Kingdom Films gets a share of profits from both High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Disney is claiming that Kingdom Films should not get a share of the money from HSM3 due to the fact that the movie was released in the theaters, while the other two HSM films were made for television. In addition, the contract supposedly states that movie sequels are excluded from the deal agreed upon by the two companies.

It Is Official No More Zac Efron In HSM

It’s official, Zac Efron will not be returning for anymore High School Musicals. Now it’s just a waiting game to find out if Disney will make an HSM4 without him – which might be able to work since they introduced the new sophomores in HSM3. Or perhaps Disney will come out with a new phenomenon to replace HSM.

Any thoughts?