Miley Cyrus Is Going To Surprise You At Your Theater

Miley Cyrus is pulling a JoBros and flying across the country to meet fans at their local theaters when they show up to see her new film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

This Public Relations tactic didn’t work out to well for the Jonas Brothers, since their movie completely bombed in theaters, but maybe it will work for Miley because she seems to be a bit more popular than Nick, Joe and Kevin lately.

Do you think she’ll show up at your theater?


Hannah Montana The Movie Cast Confessions

Learn more about the behind the scenes of Hannah Montana: The Movie from the mouths of the Hannah Montana cast. Who’s planning on seeing this movie? It sounds like it’s going to be great!

Miley Cyrus At The Hannah Montana Movie Premiere


Miley looked wicked rocker-chic at the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie last night in Hollywood. The Hannah Montana Movie opens in theaters on April 10.


PS What do you think of Miss Miley’s hair color? She did it herself!


Mitchel Musso Spills About Hannah Montana Movie

Miley Cyrus And Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso spilled the beans about the upcoming Hannah Montana: The Movie, due to release on April 10th, who slyly stated, “We are so not even supposed to talk about it…”

Mitchel let spill that Taylor Swift makes a guest appearance in the film, along with Tyra Banks and Vanessa Williams.

Mitchel also let us in on a SECRET! Hannah Montana: The Movie is a window into Miley’s REAL LIFE. The movie tries to show the real Miley, and her home state of Tennessee. The movie is also a bit more mature than the Disney Channel show. “It has a lot more drama,” Musso explained. “There’s a lot of sentimental things [in the script] that came from her heart and Billy Ray’s heart, because that’s where they live. They shot in all the areas they used to hang out in. Miley doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana,” he said of the film’s plot. “She wants to go back [home] and be her own thing, and falls in love with a boy there and doesn’t want to leave.

American Idol Hannah Montana Cameo

David Archuleta On Hannah Montana

American Idol star David Archuleta is currently promoting his self-titled debut album and where better to promote himself than on an episode of Disney’s Hannah Montana (even though he had never watched the show before!).

David talked about the experience filming alongside Miley saying “It was another thing I was really nervous about and wasn’t really sure about at first,” he wrote on his blog live from Virginia. “However, once I got there I had a great time! Everyone there was fun and Miley was a cool person to hang out with. She has a lot of energy and is really funny haha. Getting to watch how they rehearsed the scenes for the show was really cool too.”

It has not been released yet which episode he is starring in and what day it will premier. David has also guest starred as himself on Nickelodeons iCarly.

New Hannah Montana Toys

Hannah Montana The Movie

For the upcoming release of Hannah Montana: The Movie, Disney has created numerous toys that go along with the film.

The toys will include a mini version of her horse, and a singing Miley doll (not Hannah Montana as usual).

Watch the video below to see some of the products up close.

Co-Stars Stick Up For Miley

Miley Cyrus

Alison Brie, an actor on Mad Men, has guest starred on Hannah Montana and thinks that Miley is a great role model for kids despite her recent racist photo: “In general, she does great at being a great role model for kids. Everybody makes mistakes,” Brie told, adding that she thinks Cyrus “knows when she’s messed up. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Alison also thinks that Miley is having a hard time with media scrutiny because she reached a high level of fame at an early age: “I think people are too hard on kids in the entertainment industry,” she told “It’s a really tough industry to be in. If your average Joe was put under a microscope and scrutinized the way Miley Cyrus is, they’d be doing a lot worse.”

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