Miley Cyrus Is Going To Surprise You At Your Theater

Miley Cyrus is pulling a JoBros and flying across the country to meet fans at their local theaters when they show up to see her new film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

This Public Relations tactic didn’t work out to well for the Jonas Brothers, since their movie completely bombed in theaters, but maybe it will work for Miley because she seems to be a bit more popular than Nick, Joe and Kevin lately.

Do you think she’ll show up at your theater?


Hannah Montana The Movie Cast Confessions

Learn more about the behind the scenes of Hannah Montana: The Movie from the mouths of the Hannah Montana cast. Who’s planning on seeing this movie? It sounds like it’s going to be great!

Miley Cyrus At The Hannah Montana Movie Premiere


Miley looked wicked rocker-chic at the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie last night in Hollywood. The Hannah Montana Movie opens in theaters on April 10.


PS What do you think of Miss Miley’s hair color? She did it herself!


Dolly Parton Cut From Hannah Montana The Movie

Hannah Montana and Dolly Parton

Country Star Dolly Parton has been a recurring character on the Disney TV Show Hannah Montana as Aunt Dolly. Hannah Montana producers had asked her to be in the movie early on. It looked as though this would be a reality, but according to Dolly Parton when asked recently if she would be in the new Hannah Montana Movie she said “I’m not in the movie,” she told the press. “I wish I had been.” We really love Aunt Dolly on Hannah Montana and we are saddened to here she won’t be in the movie. Then again, I’m sure there will be a sequel. Wink, Wink.

Jonas Brothers VS Hannah Montana

Jonas Brothers vs Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus

It’s being reported that Disney is going to be opening Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience on more then 1,100 3D screens it’s opening week and an additional 55 IMAX Screens. That’s a whopping 400 plus screens more then Miley Cyrus opened with for her 3D Concert Experience Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. We at Disney Dreaming are wondering if Miley’s antics are starting to displease Disney Execs and if our dear young Miley has the ice breaking under her feet? 😦

Miley Cyrus Dating Disney Star Cody Linley

It is rumored that Miley Cyrus is dating one of her Hannah Montana cast members. Find Out Who.

Expensive Miley Tickets

Miley is performing in New England soon and charging a lot of money per ticket. Find out why.