Will Demi Lovato Be Bigger Than Miley Cyrus?

Demi Lovato New Miley Cyrus

Disney has been investing a lot of money into Demi Lovato and with Miley Cyrus starting to act out, and be less of what Disney wants her to be it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Demi take the much coveted spot as “Disney’s it girl”!

One of the first big moves Disney has taken with Demi Lovato is putting her in the hugely popular Camp Rock, which was broadcast as a made for TV movie on The Disney Channel and she has been cast in the next installment Camp Rock 2.

Now Demi has a hit TV show Sonny With A Chance, which is starting to become widely popular, so it is only a matter of time before we see if it is truely Disney’s intention on making Demi Lovato the New Miley Cyrus.


5 Responses

  1. I’m not so sure Demi will be as big as Miley. I haven’t got anything against her but i did see a picture of Demi Lovato with slices on her wrists and if she is cutting herself then why should she be allowed on kids TV?

  2. i think demi is awesome and better then miley cyrus so if none of the other people think that well shes my hero

  3. yea she is going to bigger than miley…cuz she is my fav!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Demi is gonna be bigger than Miley!
    I love Demi,,and I think she is better!!

  5. Dont Forget she has a tour!! for the dont forget album and some camp rock songs !

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