Miley Will Never Learn

Miley Cyrus Bikini

The one thing Miley Cyrus will never understand about being in the public eye is that she needs to be overly careful about how she goes out in public and what she says. You might think this isn’t fair for a 16 year old, but just take a minute to think about how much money she is making and the fact that she can stop working in 2 years and never work again, and we think that makes it pretty fair.

So as we showed you earlier, Miley was jogging in a pretty ridiculous outfit earlier this week, we don’t know about you, but we normally run in some baggy sweatpants and a loose fitting t-shirt, but no, Miley was wearing a bikini top, tight shirt, and jeans (talk about chafing your legs! ouch!).

Now Miley knew, from one of the last awards shows she attended, that the public does not approve of her baring her cleavage for the world to see. She got slack for it then, so why didn’t she assume she would get slack for it this time? Because, even though we’re all throwing our money at her, Miley still thinks she can do whatever she wants.

But don’t worry, Miley “made it all better” when she said she wasn’t wearing that outfit to run in (of course not, that’s why she was RUNNING IN IT), but instead she was wearing it for a CAR WASH. Yes, that makes it better:

Ah yes, 16 year old Miley Cyrus, who is constantly being photographed, who is a role model for girls MUCH younger, should be washing cars in a bare-all bikini top and hot shorts.

When Miley talked to Ryan Seacrest about it she said, “As I’m running, it got a little bit lower and you could see a little of the bathing suit top,” Cyrus said. “So, oh my goodness, Miley Cyrus wears a two-piece! Kill me! I’m wearing a two-piece. … with an 8-year old (her sister she was going to wash cars with).”

Any other 16 year old, we have no issue with wearing whatever they want parading around. But Miley Cyrus, who teaches girls 7-16 how to dress, we think should be a bit more covered up.



2 Responses

  1. My opinion? She’s a 16 year old girl wearing a bikini top, an oversized t-shirt and shorts (that aren’t too short or tight) on a hot day. NO BIG DEAL. If this picture was of Demi or Selena, no one would care. People seriously need to give her a break!

  2. She is 16. Though it may not be ‘appropriate’ she is wearing what any normal teen wears at that age on a hot day, especially washing cars. I don’t find it offensive but I feel sorry that she is always in the public eye. I myself at 16 (6 years ago) would wear a bikini top and tube top with jeans to school when it was hot.

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