Another Cinderella Story

On Sunday (Jan. 18) ABC Family will be showing the television premiere of Another Cinderella Story starring Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley.

The film is set in Beverly Hills. Selena plays a servant girl who dreams of being a world class dancer. However, Selena’s step-mother and step-sisters who stand in the way of her fame.

Drew’s “Prince Charming” character holds a contest to find the most talented dancer to perform in his new pop music video – which leads Selena to sneak out of her house and away from her watchful step-family to watch Drew dance.

Later, Drew and Selena meet at their school’s masked Ball, and, like the original Cinderella Fairytale, Selena must make a quick escape. However, instead of losing a shoe, she drops her MP3 player. Drew must then try to find out who she is by asking girls in the town to identify the top songs on their MP3 play lists.

Start watching ABC Family at 6pm to see the original A Cinderella Story and then at 8pm to see the new Another Cinderella Story.

Click here to see pictures from the movie.


4 Responses

  1. hey

  2. hey

  3. it is well.selena gomez is my favourite singstress

  4. it is well.selena gomez is my favourite singstress

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