How Did Miley Learn To Drive?

Miley Cyrus just got her learners permit, but how did she learn how to drive?

Miley used a private driving teacher, and yes, like the rest of us, she drove in a drivers-education car with a giant STUDENT DRIVER sign on top.

Miley told Jay Leno that while she was trying to learn to drive someone threw a banana at the drivers-education car. Miley also said, “My test person scares me. He says, ‘All right Miley, if you make a left turn, what’s going to happen?’ And I am like, ‘I don’t really know.’ And he goes, ‘THUMP. That’s what going to happen to your brand-new car.’ He just starts hitting things, and it really scared me.

Hopefully no one throws a banana at Miley’s new car!


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