High School Musical Advertising Everywhere

And we thought Disney advertised heavily for High School Musical 1 and 2, but the advertising for HSM 3 blows the other two promotional campaigns out of the water.

There are posters everywhere. At bus stops, on the side of the road, in malls, and even larger than life billboards on the highway. What we would all do for one of those huge billboard posters to hang on our wall!

On top of movie posters, Disney has made deals with movie theaters across the country to offer pre-sale tickets for the first weekend High School Musical 3: Senior Year is out in theaters.

There is also a partnership between Honda and HSM 3 – resulting in a commercial that advertises both.

Disney has also released one of the songs off of the HSM 3 soundtrack early to raise awareness and excitement about the movie.

The High School Musical 3 cast has been traveling around the globe to promote the upcoming movie release, and Disney stores have already started selling clothing and products linked to HSM 3.

Disney refuses to let this film fail at the box office, and we can’t wait to see it!


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