Miley Cyrus Dating Disney Star Cody Linley

It is rumored that Miley Cyrus is dating fellow Hannah Montana cast member Cody Linley. Miley was seen leaving Cody’s apartment recently where the two were supposedly “splatter painting.” I guess we’ll see what happens!

UPDATE: Miley has a new boyfriend! Click here to read more.


15 Responses

  1. i love Miley but i don’t like Cody so much

  2. here we go again Whatever!

  3. who is she goona be with next HUH?

  4. Miley can date whoever she pleases! She is beautiful and talented and can get any guy she wants!! Cody and Miley did say the “felt a certain connection” but Miley ended up with Nick Jonas and the dated for two years before they broke up!! So before you go accusing her of dating some one get your facts straight! And even if the were or are(which they aren’t) then its no bodys buisness except theres! Again Miley is talented, beautiful, a great rple model and I love her so much! I SUPPORT MILEY SO GET OVER IT!!!!!

  5. I agree with christina miley can do wat she wants u cant judge her !

  6. i cant believe they are dating im am so happy for them but its a piti there not shes dating a guy that no one knows so yeah shut up and dont brag about other ppl that you dont know and get your FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

  7. hey miley does anyone know your real name?

  8. i know your name destiny

  9. Me too her full name was destiny hope cyrus I can understand why they changed it
    And That is just wierd that Miley is dating Cody
    no effence but ewwwwwww

  10. Miley can hang out with anyone she wants to but it doesn’t necessarily mean that that she’s dating anyone, so stop making up these stupid rumors unless she admits it herself!

  11. i think cody is so hooooottttttt but miley needs to get straight before shes in any relationships! did you see what she put on myspace?

  12. wow!i can’t believe it!miley cyrus aka hannah montana is dating cody but i am not too sure about that.i think its okay cause she can hang out with’s her life who are we to disturb and i think cody is totally cute and charming!

  13. Miley is the best!!! I support her whatever she choses! I think her and Cody make a great couple!

  14. hi miley cyrus i like or movie megan 18

  15. hi miley cyrus i like or movie megan 18

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