Which Disney Star Made Her Debut On Barney?

Who would have thought that talented Camp Rock star Demi Lovato would have gotten her start on the television show Barney when she was ten years old.

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13 Responses

  1. Not only Demi, but Selena Gomez too! They were one it at the same time. If you youtube it you can find clips of the both of them!

  2. hola demi sos re linda che bueno soy tu fans

  3. tro mignone

  4. eres un xica super linda y vas a tener muxo exito en t carrera como actriz ,eres preciosa como a muxoz me gustas muxo espero q me resppondas algo bay

  5. hi ich liebe dich demi lovato
    hay bay

  6. hi ich liebe dich demi lovato
    hay bay

  7. Hey demi. U are hot and sexy.

  8. It is amazing how many kids get their big break from shows like Barney. My kids loved it!

  9. hi demi you is biuthfull

  10. you ‘re so beautiful

  11. selena AND demi were on barney together

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  12. she is my idol,,,she is amazing!!♥♥

    she is the best,,,,,,,,,

    demi rocks,,

  13. you are beutiful!!!!! ilove you
    you are nice and cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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