Disney Is Going Green Series: Wall-E

In the Disney / Pixar movie Wall-E, technology is both the hero and the villain. Wall-E, the hero, is a trash compacting robot sent to clean up the Earth in the future when the human race has spent years ignoring the planets needs.

Technology also plays the role of the villain by being so convenient for humans that people become lazy – relying on machines and technological advances for everything. By putting so much faith in technology, humans become less attune to nature and their own surroundings.

Wall-E is thus the story of the fate of the human race if we continue to ignore our waste and pollution habits. Wall-E can be considered a politically charged film.

The movie also shows humans turning into the “perfect consumer” who only do what they are told. Interestingly, Wall-E is a movie geared toward the younger generation who are known for their rebellious nature toward the expected norms of society; perhaps the movie is just enforcing this drive, or telling the younger generations their beliefs and actions are not in the wrong.

Wall-E forces viewers to consider the consequences of their actions and to never lose sight of how their actions may affect the future.

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