Win The New Jonas Brothers CD – A Little Bit Longer

Tell Disney Dreaming who your favorite Jonas Brother is for the chance to win the brother’s new CD – A Little Bit Longer. Email us at Disney Dreaming to enter into the contest.

Read More About The New CD


5 Responses

  1. I really, really want this cd…. I LOVE the Jonasbrothrs!!! pLeAsE pick Me!!!!!

    Emily ❤

  2. u guys rock ur awesome

  3. u guys r living the dream I love ur music and I love the song year 3000 I have the words memorized

  4. I don’t have a favorite Jonas Brother because I like them equally. All of there personalities make a good band and binds them closer together. That’s why they are the best boy band of today.
    Everyone is equal and I think they are so amazing and I love them and I was trying to get some of their merchandise or Cd for a long time but my family is going through a rough time.
    So please make my dreams come through by choosing me to get the Cd.
    Plz I would really appreciate it.

    I leave the decision to you.


  5. I honestly, don’t have a favorite Jonas Brother. They are all spectacular, and they all have great music talents. With their incredible skills, they bond together to create the #1 boys band, there is out there. So, truthfully, they’re all my heroes, and I’ll never ever pick one of them out seperately, because they wouldn’t be THE Jonas Brothers, if there wasn’t Kevin, Joe, and Nick all together as a whole.


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