High School Musical: Get In The Picture

This summer, ABC has started a new reality show revolving around Disney’s High School Musical 3. The show is searching for a young singer and dancer to make their career debut in a music video for the newest installment of the High School Musical phenomenon, due to release in November.

Get In The Picture premiered on July 20th at 8PM. The first episode documented the East Coast auditions. On July 21st at 8PM is the second, and final, episode following the East Coast auditions. On July 27th and 28th begins the West Coast auditions.

The reality contest is hosted by Nick Lachey, while contestants are judged on a one-on-one basis by a professional in the film, dance or music industry. The judges are split up in separate rooms – making it easier for them to get through the huge lines of contestants.

The judges also travel to many of the contestants hometowns because either a teacher or family member submitted an audition video tape of them to the show.

About half of the contestants auditioned with a Disney song. Those who did not advance to the next round blamed it on their nerves, but all of the contestants kept a strong composure when they did not advance – due in part to the judges positive, constructive criticism.


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