Camp Rock

Camp Rock was produced by Alan Sacks and directed by Matthew Diamond. The film’s music was created by Paul Brown, Julie Brown, Karin Gist, and Regina Hicks. The movie is labeled as a musical, romantic family comedy.

The 94 minute film, starring the Jonas Brothers – Nick, Kevin and Joe – and Demi Lovato, is the story of a prestigious Rock Camp that every musically inclined kid dreams of attending. The films message is “Don’t fit in, stand out!”

The announcement for the summer movie was made back on January 25, 2008. The film was available earlier online (June 17) for Disney Channel OnDemand subscribers. Camp Rock was also available to watch online after its television airing – the first Disney Channel movie to ever be. Camp Rock was also the first Disney Channel movie to air on ABC Family (ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney). The June 21 showing on ABC was hosted by the Jonas Brothers.

The weekend of the premiere, the Disney Channel deemed “Camp Rock Weekend,” with the channel turning over hosting responsibilities to Demi, Joe, Nick, and Kevin.

Camp Rock has aired, or will be premiering, in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Spain, Brazil, Latin America, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Southeast Asia.

The Camp Rock: Extended Rock Star Edition DVD and Blu-Ray Disc will be released on August 19, 2008 in the US, September 26, 2008 in Australia, and November 2008 in all other countries. The behind the scenes of the movie airs on the Disney Channel on July 13 at 8 PM.

On the Disney Channel website, Camp Rock fans can join the Camp Rock community by chatting with other fans, playing games, reading notes from the cast, watching videos, listening to music, downloading wallpapers, creating t-shirts, and using their phones to text and learn more “Rock Information.”

Merchandise for Camp Rock is sold exclusively at Target stores and online. Available products include clothing, bedding, bag, dolls, toys, and books.

The script for Camp Rock 2 is currently in the writing stages. In July and August, Disney will be auditioning for the films extras. Filming is set to begin in the summer of 2009, and the film’s release date will be either late 2009 or early 2010. Camp Rock 2 will be filmed at Camp Wanakita and Camp Kilcoo – both in Canada.


25 Responses

  1. i can’t wait to see Camp rock 2!!!

  2. Hola soy Miriam soy un fan de you men canta vuestra pelicula todos los dias la veo camp rock tengo diesz años i espero que me contesteis pronto

    besitos te quiero you

    i’m gonna go see the JoBros and make my dream come true 🙂

  4. They are making a camp rock to wonder what it is gonna be about

  5. i can deal with it because im not there number 1 fan there getting old and pathetic just like you because ur a petty loser and im better than u

  6. sike im playimg were all the same and i like debby ryan and emily osment and brenda song better


  8. they r sooooooooooooooo awesome

  9. can’t wait for camp rock 2:D
    man,are we lucky or what?

  10. cool stuff,can’t wait for camp rock 2
    keep on rocking

  11. im fan from Qatar

    love them so much my Fav joe jonas he is so cute can’t wait for camp rock 2

  12. luv very much,,,
    i wait camp rock 2

  13. cool

  14. Tere is Camp Rock 2? 0___0 I didn’n know about it. I’m waiting to see the second part of this cool story!!!

  15. eu adoro a mithy mais do que nuncas beijoseu te adoro pena que eu nao poço iai para te ver buááááááááááá

  16. c’est tro bien camp rock

  17. camp rock 2…
    i’m waiting to see camp rock 2
    cuz joe jonas is my favourite actor
    he’s so cute n cool
    when camp rock 2 launching?????
    for joe jonas i really like u

  18. I love camp rock and i am happy that it will be the second one. i am sorry that there are some mistakes, because i am not from english speaking country

  19. i like it…

    i love shane gray


  21. Camp Rock is the perfect movie for musiclovers. It is the most excellent movie i have seen ever. Joe Jones is absolutely perfect and my dream is to meet him which is impossible!!!!!!!!

  22. ..l♥vE it!..

    ..thAt waS faNtastic!…

    .i cAn’t wait fOr thoSe cAmp rOck

    .i sUre ilL buy oNe…

    ..kEep rOckin’ CamP rOck!!..

    …hUsh-huSh HUGS&sTolen kiSsEs,..

  23. Hay aim GEAMBASU ALEXANDRA and fan camp rock and jonas brothers.


  24. I like this Camp Rock

  25. how can i copy your pictures??

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