Due to release on June 27, 2008, Disney/Pixar film WALL-E is characterized as animation, family, comedy, sci-fi, and romance. WALL-E is a curious robot who is forgotten on earth when humans leave. Throughout the film, WALL-E develops a love interest in another robot, Eve.

wall-e and eve

WALL-E is produced by Andrew Stanton, who most recently produced Finding Nemo, written by Stanton and Jim Capobianco, and produced by Jim Morris (previously employed by Lucas Film). The music score is composed by Thomas Newman, who also composed the score for Finding Nemo. Stanton conceived of WALL-E before the film Toy Story was produced, but chose to work on Monsters, Inc. next instead because he was hesitant to release a love story film.

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  2. I like the movie walle because it is a very cute movie to watch when you want to during the day when you are not doing anything at your house.

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